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Judith Dragonette

Oil Painting

Artist Statement

Prehistoric looking creatures that quietly move together in herds, or later, alone when they reach the end of life. I have been very fortunate to to be able to express my love for these majestic animals, visually, trying to capture the essence of their spirit. For the past few years it has been an honor to have been painting them, each similar, yet so different. I hope to continue painting and sharing space with these magnificent animals, these messengers of life.

Inspired by my dear son-in-law, “Paint a bear for William (my grandson)!” and so began an exploration into bears. I love seeing them in the wild. Although so elusive compared to the buffalo, the bear is just as grand and just as sacred. My most valued compliment from New York painter and Art Critic, Maureen Mullarkey, “They are all great designs. They have a heraldic look-A single bear rampant on a field.”

These horses are mainly mustangs, numbered for a fate beyond their control. Unshod, shaggy and sometimes small due to poor grazing. However, to me, beautiful in their proud wildness, endurance, courage and agility. I hope to honor them with these paintings.


Dragonette, born 1938, lives full time in Jackson, Wyoming enjoying family and wildlife. She works mainly with oil paint and oil sticks on linen. Clay and wood sculpture are also in her repertoire. Her work can be seen at the Amangani Gallery, Cafe Genevieve and Fort Frame and Art in Jackson, WY. Studio tours are also welcome at the artist’s home in Jackson Hole by appointment. Her most recent show, 2018, was at the Turner Fine Art Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


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      Dragonette’s artwork displayed on her website may be located at various galleries, businesses or the artist’s studio. Transactions must take place between the buyer and the business in which the painting is located. Artwork at Dragonette’s studio will be sold between the buyer and artist.

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