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Natalie Connell

Acrylic, Watercolor


My mother often tells a story of how when I was three years old, I told her I would draw a picture everyday so that when I grew up, I would be an artist. Turns out, I stuck to that for years. With a father who was an US Air Force pilot, I was raised across much of the United States and elsewhere, moving year after year. Upon finishing high school, I did not pursue formal artistic training, believing the idea that it was impossible to make a living being creative. So I went to college and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling, afterwards choosing to move to beautiful Jackson, WY. After a few years of stringing together ski bum jobs and never being able to shirk my creative itch, I decided to teach myself graphic design. It took a few years, but I finally starting landing real design jobs and was able to turn my creative free time elsewhere.

In the fall of 2015, I fell in love with painting, and began putting time into developing as an artist. In May 2016, I had my first month-long art show at a local coffee shop and sold over half of my pieces. Since then, I have had several other successful local shows, and was chosen by the Art Association of Jackson Hole as the 2017 Emerging Artist for the Jackson Hole Art Fair. When I am not creating art, I work as a graphic designer for Stio, a local outdoor apparel company. I love spending time in the mountains, with rock climbing and backcountry snowboarding being my activities of choice.

It is from this time outdoors that I derive much of my inspiration, being particularly drawn to conveying the experience and magic found deep within the mountains and desert. However, whether you are miles back in the wilderness or simply walking to your car early in the morning, there is astounding beauty and color everywhere if you slow down to observe it. It is easy to rush through life and miss these quiet everyday moments. Though I may focus on the experiences found far in nature, in my daily creative practice I try to bring out the simple beauty of day to day life. It is my hope that through interacting with my art, viewers may be inspired to slow down and have the world they experience everyday re-enchanted – whether it’s the hundred-year-old trees they pass on their daily commute or majestic mountain views.


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